Riches In Resources Offers A Fully Managed Portfolio

What Do We Offer?

  • Actively Managed Resource Portfolio’s

    Actively Managed Resource Portfolio’s

    There are two actively managed resource portfolios, the first of which (AMRP) is focused on taking long positions in high quality, diversified and undervalued natural resource based securities. It will also, from time to time make short-to-medium term trades, take positions in Futures, Future Options, Equity Options or any asset class.

  • Appraisal of Natural Resource Based Securities

    Appraisal of Natural Resource Based Securities

    Excel Spreadsheets Regarding Appraisal of Natural Resource Based Securities, many of which were discussed or mentioned in the Book Riches in Resources: Analysis & Appraisal of Natural Resource Based Securities, which will be published October 2015. This is a follow-up book in a sense to the Silver Manifesto co-authored by David Morgan & Christopher Marchese. These will be built for companies in both actively managed portfolio's, some of which will remain free for a period of time (two-to-three examples) with a continuous build-up and update of these reports as time goes on.

  • The AMRP Portfolio

    The AMRP Portfolio

    The AMRP or Actively Managed Resource Portfolio primarily invests in mid-tier and top-tier producers within the resource sector as well as garnering some exposure to the futures market and both equity and future options. Roughly 60-65% of the initial capital will be allocated toward top-tier producers, 15%-25% mid-tier, 5%-10% Junior Producers, 0%-5% Development/Exploration, 0-5% writing options and as far futures exposure goes, it is impossible to say as all that is needed is to maintain margin requirements.

  • Price Targets

    Price Targets

    Price Targets for Select Securities in the Portfolio, specifically these will be confined to the EDJP Portfolio and 4-to-6 of the securities in the portfolio but only in so long as it remains free.

  • Commodity Research Resports

    Commodity Research Resports

    What and Why we like select commodities. This is determined through a combination of supply-demand analysis and the Austrian Approach to Investing. There will be a couple Industry reports available for free but they will be abbreviated and limited to one or two commodities as to save our best work for our subscribers.

  • The EDJP Portfolio

    The EDJP Portfolio

    Actively Managed Portfolio 1: EDJP or Exploration, Development and Junior Producers. This will be composed exactly like it sounds, with exploration companies (2.50-10%), Development Companies (5%-20%) and Junior Producers (70%-92.50%). While this will remain free at least through year end, access to the entire portfolio will be unavailable, though access to at least 2/3rd's of portfolio can be accessed.

  • The Resource Investor: Newsletter

    The Resource Investor: Newsletter

    This is one of the primary services offered by Riches in Resources and it will cover a vast array of topics in this monthly newsletters (which will remain free close to or through year end). It will cover but won't be confined to the following: The Macro-Economic Outlook (both initial as well as updates) as this will make the single largest impact on you're investing decisions. This approach is not that which is taught in mainstream academia or the non-nonsensical mainstream media, rather it takes a Austrian (Economics) view of the current circumstance. Identify the highest quality companies in each commodity related industry from the top-tier producers down to junior producer or development/exploration. It will build a portfolio over time that won't be tracked rather provide a list for each industry which has improving fundamentals on a forward looking basis. Commodity Studies And Much More!

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    We offer numerous types of consulting services which have ranges from consulting with public companies to the average everyday retail investor. Those which have been the most popular are help with portfolio management, individual security appraisal and detailed discussion regarding our insight into select industries within the commodity sector.

  • Royalty & Streaming Companies

    Royalty & Streaming Companies

    Portfolio Designed like an ETF except it only hold’s Royalty & Streaming Companies: The RSEP Portfolio.