We specialize in individual company research reports focused on the resource sector. It is our belief that many resource investors are looking for information that is specific, timely, and objective. You can look at one of our sample reports. and will see we provide in depth qualitative and quantitative analysis. This means you have the opportunity to try before you buy. DO NOT be mislead by the pricing- the research business is one where you do not always get what you pay for, in fact some of the very high priced services do not provide any better information.

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Here is a listing of our most recent reports.

Research Report Release Date Price
Top Picks For 2013 2013 $149.00
Sandstorm Gold February 2013 $49.00
Alexco Resources February 2013 $49.00
Tahoe Resources February 2013 $49.00
Silver Wheaton February 2013 $49.00
Metanor Resources February 2013 $49.00
Silvercrest Mines February 2013 $49.00
Luna Gold February 2013 $49.00
Special Strategic Report - Oil and Gas #121 February 2013 $49.00
US Silver and Gold February 2013 $49.00
Silver Wheaton (Updated February 2013. See above.)
Detour Lake Gold January 2013 $49.00
Kirkland Lake Gold January 2013 $49.00
Gold Royalties Corp January 2013 $49.00
Osisko Mining January 2013 $49.00
New Gold December 2012 $49.00
Aurcana Silver December 2012 $49.00
Fortuna silver December 2012 $49.00
Trevail Mining Plus Bonus Zinc Study December 2012 $49.00
Sandstorm Gold (Updated February 2013. See above.)

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You can request a company for us to research for an additional one time fee. This is on a case by case basis and some of the micro cap stocks cannot really be analyzed in enough detail to provide a report of any real value. So, before we begin on a custom report we do need to establish a fee structure for the time spent to determine if your needs can be met by our staff.

Subscribers have access to all our reports and can access them anytime as well as having access to our model portfolios, which include common stock, various debt instruments, options and warrants. We are affiliated with The Morgan Report and those and current subscribers will be able to obtain a promo code, giving them a discount when subscribing or buying an individual report from RichesInResources.com.

Please note: That SOME but not ALL of the reports on these pages do appear in The Morgan Report and subscribing to that service MAY be of better value! This is not a redirect to buy TMR** only a full disclaimer that for some this may be a more prudent choice. Only YOU know your needs and thus the decision is yours and yours alone.

Some of these reports are written by contributors that are determined to be sufficient quality to warrant sale to the resource investor and therefore may appear different in style from other reports on this website. However, we provide content and are not overly concerned with a cookie cutter approach that all reports look the same, only that the content of the report provides VALUE to you the purchaser or subscriber.

There are a vast number of opportunities in the resource sector as we are in the middle of a major commodity bull market, which can only accelerate as governments around the world continue to inflate its currencies. Hard assets are the safest place to be, not only ensuring capital preservation but also capital appreciation.

Please note that many of the reports have the basic outline of the company taken directly from the respective website. This is to prevent any distortion of what any given company claims as far as purpose, mission statement, objectives, shareholder concerns, etc. However, the rest of the reports are our independent analysis.